Saturday, March 31, 2018

We are coming back!


Hello everyone! We have been gone from our blog for a while, but we will be coming back soon! Due to personal matters, I had put the blog on hold. I have kept up on the FluffDogCrew Instagram and Facebook since I know my way around social media without much issue. Blogging in this platform is new and scary to me. I spent several months trying to learn all I can and barely scratched the surface.  I will be attending the 2018 BlogPaws conference again this April. I am hoping the conference will help jump start both my passion and focus again. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Remember Me Thursday® Shine a light on orphan pets waiting for forever homes

The Fluff Dog Crew is excited to be a part of the "Remember Me Thursday Awareness Movement." We want to get the message out to everyone to talk about pet adoption, especially on Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Personally, I came into the realization of how important pet adoption is only in the last couple of years.  Now that I am more aware, I have become very passionate about helping educate other pet lovers on the importance of rescue/adoption and assisting to find fur babies find their forever homes.

How can you help too? Join us, along with individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world in over 180 countries unite to be the voice of orphaned pets. Use the hashtags, #RememberMe Thursday and #RememberTheRescue with photos of your rescue pet. Post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be entered in the #RememberTheRescue contest!

Check out for more ways to get involved!
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pupjoy Subscription box: Toys, treats and other goodies for your four-legged friend

We just opened up our very first PupJoy subscription box! It is loaded with a ton of great quality, U.S. made, all-natural, clear labeled treats and cool toys for the whole Fluff Dog Crew to enjoy. PupJoy lets you customize your own box. There are over 28 options to specialize what comes your way! We love this because, Bijou has a lot of allergies, and a few of the crew are picky with their toys. There are choices for all breeds, sizes and types of dogs.

PupJoy offers risk free ordering and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You are able to cancel, edit or skip an order at any time without a penalty. Another great point is that PupJoy is the only box that offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly options. 

The "Pup Points Loyalty Rewards" pays customers cash back on every purchase and renewal, as well as $20 referral rewards.

A portion of a PupJoy box purchase is donated to the BISSELL Pet Foundation helping pets in need. Want to learn more or to try PupJoy? Check them out here:

*Mention: PUPFLUENCE and save $10