Saturday, September 16, 2017

Remember Me Thursday® Shine a light on orphan pets waiting for forever homes

The Fluff Dog Crew is excited to be a part of the "Remember Me Thursday Awareness Movement." We want to get the message out to everyone to talk about pet adoption, especially on Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Personally, I came into the realization of how important pet adoption is only in the last couple of years.  Now that I am more aware, I have become very passionate about helping educate other pet lovers on the importance of rescue/adoption and assisting to find fur babies find their forever homes.

How can you help too? Join us, along with individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world in over 180 countries unite to be the voice of orphaned pets. Use the hashtags, #RememberMe Thursday and #RememberTheRescue with photos of your rescue pet. Post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be entered in the #RememberTheRescue contest!

Check out for more ways to get involved!
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pupjoy Subscription box: Toys, treats and other goodies for your four-legged friend

We just opened up our very first PupJoy subscription box! It is loaded with a ton of great quality, U.S. made, all-natural, clear labeled treats and cool toys for the whole Fluff Dog Crew to enjoy. PupJoy lets you customize your own box. There are over 28 options to specialize what comes your way! We love this because, Bijou has a lot of allergies, and a few of the crew are picky with their toys. There are choices for all breeds, sizes and types of dogs.

PupJoy offers risk free ordering and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You are able to cancel, edit or skip an order at any time without a penalty. Another great point is that PupJoy is the only box that offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly options. 

The "Pup Points Loyalty Rewards" pays customers cash back on every purchase and renewal, as well as $20 referral rewards.

A portion of a PupJoy box purchase is donated to the BISSELL Pet Foundation helping pets in need. Want to learn more or to try PupJoy? Check them out here:

*Mention: PUPFLUENCE and save $10

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Petqwerks haul: Fun dog toys and tasty bones!

Petqwerks has been a brand that the Fluff Dog Crew has enjoyed for quite a while. Anytime a new toy or bone makes its way to our house, the girls are lined up waiting to get a chance at them.

The main crowd pleaser is the Flavorit bones. Due to Bijou's allergies, we stick to flavors that are not meat infused. The mint infused wood bone is Bijou's absolute favorite. She chews on it constantly, and I love that it helps freshen her breath.

Since her arrival, Daphne has taken quite a liking to the bones as well. As you all can see, she is eager to tear into the new BarkBones! The nylon bones (middle and right) are especially great for aggressive chewers and are dishwasher safe. Petqwerks products are made in the USA too!

Want to learn more about Petqwerks products? Check them out here:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"We have a bandana for that!" Part3: KoaBear Bandanas

Siouxsie in our first KoaBear Bandana.

We first were introduced to KoaBear Bandanas after winning a contest on Instagram. I hadn't really had the crew wear bandanas before. I never saw any locally or even online that I really loved. KBB was the first bandana brand that we connected with.

Lucy and Molly in matching KBB bandanas and bows.

KBB was started in January 2016 in Maui, Hawaii. Creator, Tina Timboy uses her own fur baby, Koa, as her main inspiration for her designs.

KoaBear, CEO of KoaBear Bandanas

Mr. Koa

KBB specializes in custom made bandanas ranging from casual to formal wear. Most bandanas are reversible too! We love having the option of two different prints on one bandana, it gives you more bang for your buck!

We love donuts!

We typically go for the "original style" that just slides onto a collar. KBB also offers a "bib style" that has a Velcro closure, perfect for pets that do not wear a collar.

Bib style bandana with matching hair bow.

If your fur baby likes to be on the formal side, the Fancy Paws Collection is where it's at! 

Hawaiian Fancy Paws Collection pieces.

These are so cute for the furry gentleman in your life!

Below are a several more designs my crew wears on a regular basis and for holidays.

Halloween is our favorite time of year!

Personalized "ugly Christmas sweater" bandana.

Candy bandana and matching bow.

Kawaii inspired on our little "derp" cutie.

You can check out all that KoaBear Bandanas has to offer at the following:

Instagram: @koabear_bandanas

Sunday, August 6, 2017

"We have a bandana for that!" Part 2: Nulu Bandito

Bijou and I matching David Bowie garments.

I first discovered Nulu Bandito on Instagram several months back. Their bandana with the cast of Golden Girls on it caught my attention and I had to check out their Etsy shop to see what other great items they had available.

Daphne in Nulu Bandito's Seinfeld bandana.

Lucy is all "ears" in the corn on the cob design.

Cali and Blakely. Clouds and chrysanthemums.

Nulu Bandito carries some of the quirkiest and fun prints. Many are nods to pop culture and people/pups favorite foods.

Molly basically is a gummy worm.

Alexander is cheesy.

Vector knows milk is best with cookies!

Luca loves some Campbell's soup and Andy Warhol.

If you are looking for cool bandanas for pets big and small check out Nulu Bandito:

"We have a bandana for that!" Part 1: Paws 'n' Claws Couture

The Fluff Dog Crew likes to model the heck out of bandanas. Paws 'n' Claws Couture has a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles for your fashion needs. 

Paws 'n' Claws Couture also makes collars, leashes, bows and scarves to keep your pups looking cute whether they are at home or out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Fall is right around the corner and Paws 'n' Claws Couture has begun carrying new designs to reflect the Fluff Dog Crew's favorite time of year. Halloween, leaves changing color and pumpkins among all the autumn goodness! 

Check out their super cool designs on their website and social media accounts. Enjoy free shipping on U.S. orders (they do ship worldwide) and use our code to snag a 15% discount with code: vanitycult15 and be sure to tag us on Instagram to show us how pawsome you look in Paws 'n' Claws Couture gear.

Social Sites:

Rescued from the streets of Korea to newest Fluff Dog Crew member: Meet Daphne the Shih Tzu

I had no intention on getting a third dog. Yet, two weeks ago I came across the face you see above on my favorite rescues website. This little cutie was up for adoption from SASS Rescue and I couldn't get her out of my mind. Her original name was "Owho" and she came all the way to Ohio from Korea. She was taken in by Domo's Friends who rescues dogs in high kill shelters in South Korea. Her early background isn't clear, but she is around 2 years old and a little firecracker of energy. 

Now named "Daphne" after the character from Scooby Doo, she has been a part of our family for a full week now. She is super loving and sweet. Daphne loves to burrow in blankets and is already very attached to me and my husband. She is also super mischievous! Like a cat, she likes to jump up on counters looking for food! 

I look forward to sharing her with everyone and getting her acclimated to her new life. She already knows how to take a great photo and be a perfect snuggle buddy.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

From Puppy Mill Survivor to Spoiled in Suburbia: Meet Molly the Shih Tzu

Our family had never rescued before. All of our dogs had come from breeders. Some we learned later were not reputable to say the least. After being so involved on social media for a while, we were learning that the stigma of rescue and shelter dogs weren't always accurate. There are instances when best intentions don't work out, but we kept seeing so many happy stories. We found that so many wonderful fur babies had adapted and flourished when they became part of a family with love and care. We began following SASS Rescue on Instagram after I had researched for a Shih Tzu rescue here in Ohio. The work that they do for these dogs is incredible. My mother and I literally fall in love with a pup every week! I already had two dogs and was unable to have another at the time when we first saw Molly. After seeing her photo, we had to figure out a way to adopt her. She was a puppy mill survivor, age unknown, with a sweet little tongue that stuck out all the time due to her lack of teeth.

Molly went to live with my parents, brother, and Lucy their Brussels Griffon in October 2015. She was very shy and timid, but eager to embark on her new life. She still makes great strides to this day. She has become such an affectionate and sweet little girl. She loves her cozy beds and blankets, she dances for her meals and enjoys things that the first several years of her life she was deprived of. Rescue dogs are not less than desirable or irreparably damaged. They can and will become wonderful companions and family members if given the time and patience to allow them to thrive.

Our family is so grateful to SASS Rescue for all the love and hard work they put into these amazing pups.