Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rescued from the streets of Korea to newest Fluff Dog Crew member: Meet Daphne the Shih Tzu

I had no intention on getting a third dog. Yet, two weeks ago I came across the face you see above on my favorite rescues website. This little cutie was up for adoption from SASS Rescue and I couldn't get her out of my mind. Her original name was "Owho" and she came all the way to Ohio from Korea. She was taken in by Domo's Friends who rescues dogs in high kill shelters in South Korea. Her early background isn't clear, but she is around 2 years old and a little firecracker of energy. 

Now named "Daphne" after the character from Scooby Doo, she has been a part of our family for a full week now. She is super loving and sweet. Daphne loves to burrow in blankets and is already very attached to me and my husband. She is also super mischievous! Like a cat, she likes to jump up on counters looking for food! 

I look forward to sharing her with everyone and getting her acclimated to her new life. She already knows how to take a great photo and be a perfect snuggle buddy.


  1. What a journey! Welcome to Ohio Daphne, I hope you love your new home and fur-family!

  2. Daphne is such a doll. Her climbing on counters reminded me of a little tzu rescue I fostered many years ago. She was older and could hardly walk after 6 months of living in a bathroom after her Mama died and relatives who didn't want her took her in. After a few weeks of love and good food, Cosequin, sunshine and running around in the yard, she was a new baby! One morning about 2:00 AM she woke us barking and howling. She had crawled into the chairs and onto the kitchen table and couldn't get down!! She left for her new forever home a few days later!! We love rescue! is the rescue we work with!

  3. I am just overjoyed for all of you. You can just tell that she is such a sweetheart. And, thank you so much for informing us about what happens with these little babies in South Korea. I'm sure you will inspire other people to rescue from there as well.